About Us

The story behind Oz By Camper .com

I started going camping with my family back in the 80's, with no aircon, 3 brothers and a caravan hanging to our suffering car which took us all around Spain back then.

Once adult I kept going camping whenever I could. I proudly went camping in almost every European country, Australia and New Zealand. There is a lot of good camping guides out there, but all of them are about paid campings and contained spaces.

Our goal

This website aims to collect all that fancy spots we all love like some safe parkings to stay overnight, hidden gems in the top of a mountain or even some quiet streets where park and just sleep not disturbing anyone.

We love camping, we love free stuff, but we care about the environment, so we think providing detailed information to all users about where to spend the night while in a road-trip decreases the impact of it to our planet. We love to have safe and clean spaces to stay with our campervan, so all we do is share our favourite spots and try to build this community so everyone can see, share and enjoy with us.

Have a good road-trip!

Alberto Roura